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The Smartest Coach in the Room: Buddy Morris

Buddy Morris Physical Preparation

This fitness industry is growing and changing so rapidly that many coaches will be left behind if they don’t continue to surround themselves with new people and new ideas.That’s why in The Smartest Coach in the Room, I talk with a wide variety of experts from the fitness, sport, and performance industry about the profession they’ve dedicated their lives to — and the tips, tactics, and trade secrets they’ve used to get to the top of their field.…Read More

The Smartest Coach in the Room: Gerry Ramogida

It doesn’t matter if you’re a coach, therapist, or athlete: becoming better is a continual process. This field is growing and changing so rapidly that many coaches will be left behind simply because they won’t grow along with it. In order to build a successful career, it’s imperative that we surround ourselves with new ideas and new people to learn from.…Read More

The Post-Holiday Fat Burning Workout and Nutrition Program

Every January, millions of Americans flood gyms around the country looking to shed the unwanted pounds of fat that come with eating too many cookies, drinking too much alcohol and dealing with the stress of the holidays. By the end of February, half of those same people (or more) stop going to the gym and fail to reach their new year’s resolution to look and feel better.…Read More

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