Sports Performance Seminar

For those of you interested in attending a great seminar and hearing me present live, I’ve agreed to speak at an upcoming Sports Performance Seminar that will be held at the University of Richmond in Virginia. With my schedule always very busy with training athletes and frequently traveling to fights I don’t get out and speak much, so this will be a good opportunity to hear me present at a live event and ask questions you may have in person.

Aside from me, other coaches presenting include: Vladimir Issurin, Cal Dietz, Ethan Reeve, and Dr. Michael Yessis. The head Strength & Condtioning Coach of the University of Richmond, Jay Demayo, has organized a fantastic event and I’m looking forward to being a part of it and hearing the other presentations as well.

The seminar is an incredible value at just $75 (most seminars like this are at least $200-300 or more) but I’ve been told that due to space limitations of the venue, there will only be 100 seats available. For those of you who can’t travel there, there is a webinar option as well so you can stay at home and still watch everything live. The event is scheduled to take place Friday & Saturday, April 24th and 25th in Richmond, Virginia.

CLICK HERE to check out the options and to find out how to register before it sells out. I’d love to see as many people from the site there as possible and I’ll be putting together an members only dinner for everyone to meet while we’re there.



  1. Joel, saw that you were co-hosting a certification in the UK. What will the certification consist of and do you and M. Hume intend to hold any here in the States?

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