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Ultimate MMA Conditioning Reviews

Lately, I’ve been receiving quite a bit of positive feedback and reviews of my book lately so I wanted to pass them along for others who may not have read it yet. I’ve never been one for shameless self promotion, but if other people want to do the work for me, far be it from me to stop them. In any event, if you’re on the fence about whether or not the book is for you, these three unsolicited reviews should help you make up your mind.

“Ultimate MMA Conditioning” is written by Joel Jamieson, in my opinion one of the best distributors of S&C information currently going around. Read the Ultimate MMA Conditioning review by Cedric Unholz

“This is the best book I have ever read on Energy System Development. It is also the best training related book I have read in a long time.” Read the Ultimate MMA Conditioning Review by Robbie Bourke

“Joel Jamieson has done the world of conditioning a great service in his book  Ultimate MMA Conditioning.” He provides a very concise account of the energy systems of the body, their role in different types of activity, and how best to train them Read the Ultimate MMA Conditioning Review by Josh Leeger

“I cannot recommend this book highly enough.  Joel did a fantastic job of explaining very fundamental principles of sports science that every strength/fitness coach should be aware of when developing a training program” Read the Ultimate MMA Conditioning Review by Patrick Ward

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  3. adam27roswell says:

    Ordered your book and have high hopes from it. I’m sure this will take the me and my boys to the next level of S&C training and benefits

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