BioForce Nutrition is Born!

I’m excited to announce the arrival of the BioForce Nutrition line of supplements! In this likely long winded post, I’m going to explain why someone who isn’t a big believer in supplements in the first place will now be selling my own line of them through the site and in gyms….

The World of Supplements

My interest in using supplements dates all the way back to my early training days, probably as far back as 7th grade. I still vividly remember reading a book by Weider where he said all you had to do was take 6 dessicated liver tablets and two packets of condense milk a day – this was long before protein powder become readily available – and your muscles would “grow like they were weeds.”

I figured if 6 was what he recommended, then I’d take 10 of the tables and 3 of the condensed milk packets and surely I’d get bigger almost overnight. I was obviously disappointed when I did this for weeks on end and I didn’t my new muscles popping out of everywhere like I had hoped.

I also remember being one of the first to order Met-Rx, the first meal replacement/protein powder that I had ever seen, and wondering why the hell they made it so that you had to add an uneven amount of mixture from two different bottles to make the shake. The result was that you ran out of one of the bottles of powder before the other and yet you couldn’t order them separately.

Met-Rx was literally responsible for starting the modern day era of protein powders, but I still have no idea why they did that and I ended up with at least 10 extra bottles of the one that got left over when you ran out of the other one. Who sells a two bottles, both with 30 scoops of powder and says, “put 2 scoops of this and 3 scoops of the other one and blend together” anyway? The first Met-Rx didn’t taste bad, but it wasn’t great either.

By the way, if you remember getting the original “Supplement Review” in the mail for free, then you must be at least as old as me.

What’s Creatine?

I even remember the first time I heard about creatine, it was in a sales letter I received from some guy claiming to be a busted drug dealer in prison that had discovered this revolutionary new product that had the same effect as the steroids he used to sell before he got put behind bars. Although creatine is one of the few products that actually does work, it definitely doesn’t work like steroids and I was already eating pounds of steak and red meat a day anyway so I never saw the massive gains promised in the sales letter.

In college, I spent about two years working in a supplement store in Seattle selling pretty much everything you can imagine. This was when the the first “pro-hormone” stack was born: DHEA, Tribulus and Androstene and I have to admit that actually did work pretty well at the time. This was also when the fat burning stack caffeine, ephedrine, and aspirin was all the rage for fat loss too.

Oddly enough, we sold a product back then called “Adipo Kintex” and I swear to this day it’s the best fat burning product ever made but unfortunately it’s been gone off the market for many years.

We even sold what I would consider the first bulk protein powder. It was a 6lb bag of crap that tasted like saw dust (probably because it’s what may have been in it) but it was only $25, which was unbelievably cheap for protein at the time, and everyone else was sold in 2lb containers at most. Of course we later found out the guy was basically making the powder in his basement with cement mixers, but that’s a whole other story!

The Era of Pro-hormones

During the time I worked there, the pro-hormone market started to explode and pretty soon there were a million different products. Some of them were more or less legal oral steroids and were quite strong with all the same side effects as you’d expect as well.

There’s no doubt that pro hormones worked quite well, at least some of them, but many people had no real idea of just how strong they were and what side effects they could have and kids could buy them over the counter or online so it was only a matter of time before the best ones got banned.

A Whole Lot of Supplements

If a supplement came out between 7th grade and about my mid 20’s, it’s a pretty safe bet that I tried it at one point or another. Mass Aminos 2000, Hot Stuff, HMB, OKG, Creatine, Ultimate Orange, Ribose, EndoPro, Met-Rx, Phosphagen HP, BCAA, Ribose, Chrysin, etc. You name it and I’m sure I tried it.

The truth is that I’ve always been impatient. It’s not that I wanted a way to get out of training hard or to find a magic pill, I just wanted results as fast as possible and if taking a supplement could help me get even better results from my training, then I was going to take whatever I could find that worked.

Now that I’m several years older – not to mention hopefully a bit wiser – I can tell you one thing with absolute certainty about supplements: most of them are worthless. They cost too much, deliver too little, and are often sold by people who are little more than scam artists because they know full well they aren’t effective but they keep selling them anyway.

The Truth

Most supplement companies, in fact, are basically just marketing companies really. They don’t do anything but sell and market products, there is no R&D or experts hired to formulate breakthrough products or anything of the sort. The vast majority of buyers out there are teenagers that want to gain muscle and men and women who will do anything to lose fat without having to work hard for it.

The truth is that most successful supplement companies out there aren’t the ones selling the best products, they are the ones that are doing the best job of making the biggest, boldest, and most BS claims about what they are selling. Sad, but that’s just the way it is and probably the way it always will be.

BioForce Nutrition Is Born…

Telling you that after almost 20 years of trying different supplements that I think most supplements suck and are a waste of money is probably not the best way to explain why I’m announcing that I’ll now be selling a few select products of my own, but it’s important to know my background with supplements and my motivation for selling them. You see, while I think 99% of the supplement industry is BS and most products are pretty much worthless, there is the 1% that actually is effective and worth taking.

It’s this 1% that I’ve now come to take myself on a consistent basis and see benefit from and it’s this same 1% that I tell my athletes and clients to use. The bottom line is that after all the years of trying just about every supplement out there, I’ve found just a small handful of supplements that I believe can make a different in overall health and performance.

These products may not sound exciting or sexy or promise to put 20lbs of muscle on you in two weeks, let you eat anything you want and make you leaner at the same time or make you into a superstar athlete overnight, but they do work and they are worth the money.

Well, after many years of telling athletes and individuals I work with to go order these products from some of the better companies like Douglas Labs, Pure Encapsulations, Life Extension and Biogenesis, I figured it was about time to make it easier and just put together a few products that I knew worked and that I’d want to spend the money on take myself.

No Hype. No BS. Just Results

With the release of the BioForce Nutrition line of supplements, I’m making the promise to everyone that chooses to buy and use them that I’m only going to sell what I use myself and what I recommend to athletes that I train. Not surprisingly, I’m only going to be selling a few core products because at the end of the day, there just isn’t that much stuff worth taking.

The company I’m having manufacture them is one of the most reputable in the industry and I can guarantee that what’s on the label is in the bottle. I’m also going to make the products affordable because I’m not out there spending thousands of dollars on magazine ads and paying models to be on my labels. Anyone who buys anything from the BioForce line can rest assured they are getting the highest quality ingredients and products at the most reasonable prices possible.

I’m also going to be the first to say that supplements should always be secondary to a solid diet and they will never make up for poor eating habits. BioForce is for hard training athletes and individuals who want the most out of their bodies and are willing to work for it. If you’re looking for a magic pill or a way to get out of working hard, these products probably aren’t what you’re looking for, but if you take your training, your performance and your health seriously, the BioForce Nutrition supplement line will help you get the most out of your hard work.

Coming Soon

The first products will begin shipping within the next few weeks and more details about each of the products will be coming on the site very soon. As you can see, I’ll be starting with five different products. These are not revolutionary products, they are the basics that I believe everyone should be taking and they support the nutritional needs of hard working athletes and those training consistently for whatever purpose. I’m also working on two more products to add to the line shortly, but that’s going to be about the extent of the line.

I have no interest in selling products that won’t work, don’t have any research or practical experience to support them and I’ll never sell anything I don’t personally use and have my athletes and clients use. I’ve used all the products in the line for months, some for years, and they flat out work and are high quality products that are worth using. After many years trying everything, these are what I have found to be worth taking and I’m happy to be able to offer them to everyone on the site shortly.

Stay tuned for more details coming soon and feel free leave comments, questions and feedback below


  1. Joel,

    1) There’ll be the nutrition facts and a full ingredient list on the label of each product?
    2) Your book & DVD are top quality products so it’s a great news for me that you have a line of supplements available soon. I’ll definitely buy them from you from now on, as long as the price is affordable. Why not add all other supplements that you & your athletes use (whey, casein, multivitamin & minerals, calcium, creatine, beta-alanine…) to your line so I can buy them from one company instead of multiple companies (different quality, shipping cost…)?

    1. 1) Yes, there will be nutritional facts and a full ingredient list on the label of each product and I’ll be posting those on the site soon.
      2) Aside from whey protein, I will inded be offering all the products I and my athletes use. There already is a multivitamin/mineral being offered in the line, that’s the Ultra product you see in the picture. The two preworkout products I’m testing and formulating now to add to the line will have the creatine, beta-alanine, etc. One will be for CNS function and the other will be for muscle function. Once these two are added, the line will have everything I take and my athletes take, aside from the whey, and the prices will all be reasonable.

        1. There are already a million whey proteins out there, plenty of which are good and cheap. There’s nothing I could do to really make a better whey protein or make one that’s any less expensive and the big companies that make whey and sell it do such high volumes it’s insane.

          I could never produce and sell the volume of whey it would take to offer a high quality product at reasonable prices at this point. I’d end up with a product no better than a lot of what’s already out there and I’d have to charge more for it, which isn’t something I”m interested in doing.

          Maybe down the road I’ll come up with a way to make it work, but it just doesn’t make sense to start out. Personally, I like the big bag of Whey by Cytosport from Costco for $30, can’t beat that.

          1. There’s no Costco near my area, only Sam’s Club (it has nothing good!)

            Are there other brands for whey that you would recommend?

  2. Definitely interested in hearing more about your product line. I’ve tried damn near every supplement with the exception of PH’s. Curious to see what active ingredients you are utilizing and what the price points will be.

    @Thuy, if you can’t go to Costco, Dymatize sells pretty good whey for cheap and you can buy it online. Amazon has a lot of good deals on supplements too.

    1. There’s a million decent whey products out there. Usually anything by Cytosport, Champion, Syntrax, Beverly, Dymatize, Optimum, Labrada and a few others is going to be good enough. Find something that you like the taste of, that digests well and that’s reasonably priced and it’s pretty hard to go wrong.

      I’ll be posting the labels and active ingredients on the site by next week so everyone can see exacty what’s in everything. The price point right now looks like it’ll be about $29 per bottle of each product, which should last 4-6 weeks depending on use.

  3. I’m in for some of the multi! It’s so hard to find one that doesn’t assume you’re a heavy drinker.

    Anyway, WRT the whey protein, wouldn’t the same be true for fish oil?

    1. Not really, there’s millions of good whey proteins. The only other fish oil products I like, aside from the one I’ll be selling, are by Nordic Naturals and Carlsons. The BioForce one is the only one I’ve used that is emulsified, which has been shown in the research I’ve seen to increase absorbtion and it changes the texture so it’s not greasy and makes it actually taste good. It definitely doesn’t taste like fish oil and I like it better than any other fish oil I’ve used, that’s why I’m including it in the line.

        1. There’s definitely some research to show that mg per mg it’s absorbed better when it’s emulsified than just in capsules. Does it make a huge difference? Most likely not, but personally, I prefer to use a good manufacturer that I know makes a high quality product than buy something cheap and besides generally oils are less expensive than capsules anyway. Most people just don’t like the taste or texture but that’s not an issue with this fish oil, it tastes good and has a creamy texture. I’ve used Nordic Naturals, Carlson’s, Pure Encapsulations, Designs for Health and Costco fish oils and this is the one I like best.

  4. Hey Joel
    I will def. get some of you’re Bio force nutrition supplements. I have taken many supplements in the past and believe like you most are just money making scemes. I do take Lovaza which is Pharmaceutical grade fish oil, but I would be interested in most of the other products. I just had rotator cuff surgery and getting back to where I was will take some time and effort. I believe good supplementation can help speed recovery and take me off the anti-inflamatory’s I am currently taking. Truthfully Joel ,I trust you and like what you are trying to do with you’re web site and would rather give you money than other Nutritional or Vitamin companies.
    Steve F

    1. I haven’t seen this report before but I’ll take a look at it more thorughly and give you my thoughts. It’s definitely always good to choose supplement companies wisely.

    1. No worries, I won’t be sticking my name on the front of the bottle and charging $80 for anything any time soon. Poliquin used to have some really good info years ago, I used to always read his articles back in the MM2k days. He just went off the deep end a few years ago for whatever reason.

      1. Yeah, he seems to gear everything towards using a product. His recommendation for BCAA’s are ridiculous. But a lot of people swear by him. I don’t know if it’s loyalty or marketing at it’s very best.

    1. It’ll be available for sale next week. I have all the products in stock, I just have to make the web pages for each of the products and put everything into the shopping cart and such.

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