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The End of Group Training – FREE Report!

Shocking FREE Report Reveals Why CrossFit, Bootcamps, & P90X Are Destroying Your Training & How HRV Technology is about to

Today is an incredibly important day…one more than ten years in the making.

Ten years ago, something happened that changed the entire course of my career as a strength coach and it opened my eyes to a whole new way to train.

Now, for the first time, I’m going to reveal exactly what happened and let you in on the story of how I become one of the most sought after coaches out there.

If you’ve read my book, you might already have some idea of this story, but now I’m going to give you all the details and share something even more exciting with you…

A Revolution Is Coming

You don’t want to miss out on this

I’ve put together a special FREE Report to tell you all about my story and why I think the days of the popular Group Training approach are numbered and will soon be coming to an end.

A lot of people may not be happy about this, but I’m going to tell you why this approach was designed to make people money, not produce results and how the power of technology is about to change the game completely.

This is a report literally ten years in the making and there’s very few people in the entire world that have more experience using the technology that I’ll discuss with you in the report.

Whether you’re an athlete, strength coach, trainer, or just workout to stay in shape, this is something you NEED to know about.

If you want to find out how you can get your hands on the same technology developed by the Russians to help optimize your training and finally put an end to the guesswork, download the FREE Report now…

Download the FREE Report NOW

Shocking FREE Report Reveals Why CrossFit, Bootcamps, & P90X Are Destroying Your Training & How HRV Technology is about to

12 Responses to The End of Group Training – FREE Report!

  1. brianrobinson says:


    Is the BioForce HRV system applicable for team sport settings? It takes 2.5 min per athlete. Would it take about a minute between athletes? Thus, could I evaluate 20 athletes in about 60 minutes?

    I don’t recall seeing a cost. How much for the system?


    • Joel says:

      This version is not designed to be used by teams but I’ll have another team version coming out in early spring that will let each athlete have their own app and then a coach can login and see the results of the tests on a daily basis. Info about cost will be coming soon.

  2. kRogers says:

    Hey Joel,
    Im very interested and excitied to get my hands on this new project! I read on the free report that previous customers get a chance to buy the package on the 12th instead of the 13th. Is that people who have bought your book (I did) and if so, will they get a email or a earlier chance to get it from the site? How is that going to work?


    • Joel says:


      Yes, everyone who has puchased anything from me is considered a customer and they’ll get an email ahead of time letting them know the website and how to pick up BioForce HRV before everyone else gets access to it.

  3. markh says:

    Funny to see in one article what it has taken me 18 years of training to learn, constantly adapting programs are the only ones that work for high performance individuals. Without recovery information you’re just flying blind and guessing when to do what. Will this product really work with any HRM band? What price range?
    As I know there are only 2 devices out that can measure R-R, how will this work with any monitor?

    Excited to see it!

    • Joel says:


      Indeed, you are exactly right. Most people have been flying blind for years. There’s a lot of devices out there that can measure R-R intervals accurately and that’s what the BioForce HRV app does using hardware that plugs into the phone. The app reads the HR signal from a wireless transmitter belt, marks the R-R interval and does a statistical analysis to determine HRV. It will work with any Polar transmitter belt and a few others, it will just not work with the ANT+ that’s used by a few of the manufactures but there’s a great deal of belts that will work just fine with it.

  4. adam27roswell says:

    Another mind blowing development Joel. Looking into your products and having them alongside has opened a totally new world of possibilities for me and my boys

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