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I founded 8weekout in the spring of 2009 for one simple reason: to tell the truth that wasn’t being told when it came to strength and conditioning for combat sports. Amidst the endless sea of misinformation, there needed to be a voice of reason that came from experience and a solid foundation of scientific understanding. After more than 5 years of training world class combat athletes at the time, I wanted to share the training principles, methods, and underlying philosophy that I had used with other combat athletes searching for answers.

Since its early beginnings, 8weeksout has expanded to cover all areas of physical preparation for athletic performance for all sports. I have brought together a world renowned team of experts rangining from NFL coaches to PhD researchers, all united in the persuit of the truth of the training process.

The 8WeeksOut mission is to deliver the truth about training and athletic development with honesty and integrity, not marketing hype and baseless claims. I am committed to building a community of experts, athletes, and recreational fitness enthusiasts who are looking for something more and who are striving to find the answers of human performance that often allude so many. Everyone contributor to this site meets the high standards I have set for passion and integrity in this field and you can trust the information you will find on this site comes from authority, experience, and scientific reasoning.

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Joel Jamieson