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BioForce HRV

Revolutionary HRV Technology
Proven a valid measure of stress and recovery in more than 437 peer-reviewed clinical research papers
Quick & Non-Invasive Testing
Simple test done at rest in just two minutes produces highly accurate and reliable results
Complete System
Comes with everything you need to use put HRV technology to work for you. Get the BioForce HRV app for iPhone or Android, wireless receiver and The Ultimate Guide to HRV Training manual
“Applying the right amount of stress to the body at the right time is key to getting a great result in both training and therapy. In my role as a strength coach and massage therapist HRV has become extremely valuable in helping me determine how a client is or is not adapting to the specific stimulus I give them.

With convenient and easy to use technology like BioForce HRV,
I am able to evaluate the autonomic state of my client on my cell phone within minutes and make immediate changes to the training or therapy for that day to ensure that we are moving in the right direction and getting the results we are looking for.”

Patrick Ward, Optimum Sports Performance

Heart Rate Variability has been called the “holy grail” of training and used by countless top pro teams and athletes from all over the world for more than 15 years.

I’ve used HRV to train athletes and world champions from the UFC, PrideFC, NFL, MLS, NBA, NHL, NCAA and countless other organizations.

Until now, heart rate variability has only been available to teams and organizations like Nike, The US Navy SEALS, Seattle Sounders FC, Liverpool FC, Cleveland Browns, Standord University, Oxford, USOTC, University of Richmond, Baylor University, Toronto Maple Leafs,and others willing to invest the thousands of dollars it has cost to get the technology.

BioForce HRV puts the power of information at your fingertips and lets you measure your readiness to train in under 3 minutes a day. Finally, you can get access to the same technology that’s been used for years by the pros at just a fraction of the cost. Start optimizing your training and get better results in less time with HRV.

“The biggest thing I realized through listening to HRV technology was that I could get better results with actually less of that intense training. It was more of a personalized program and I was not getting injured as much, I wasn’t getting sick as much, I was just getting great results. Everything has gotten better. I know when I step into the ring I’m ready to go. My conditioning is far better, my state of mind is better and I’m just a far better fighter all the way around because of this technology.”
Tim Boetsch, UFC Middleweight Fighter

“Old school methods were to train has hard as you can…try to get every advantage that you can by just being tougher than your opponent. The evolution of training has been that now we monitor the systems in the body. We try to steer away from overtraining as well as making our guys train hard. We still have that attitude that we want to train harder than our opponents but we also have the attitude that we want to train smarter as well. HRV technology takes away the questions that the athlete has and the guesswork that the coaches have.”
Matt Hume, Legendary MMA Trainer

“After playing professional baseball for 18 years at the highest levels, knowing when to train and how much to do has always been a guessing game. A lot of early plane flights, long bus trips, day games after night games and so on are factors to consider. After using HRV for 8 months now, I can honestly say it is the one tool I wish I had from the beginning of my career to maximize my training and recovery. Since using HRV, I’ve been able to manage my training on a daily basis and I can honestly say at 37 years old I am as strong and explosive as I have ever been. I guarantee I would not have seen the results I’ve had without BioForce HRV”
Howie Clark, Professional Baseball Player

What is Heart Rate Variability?

Heart Rate Variability, HRV for short, is a technology that originated in Russia during the 1960s as part of the training program for their cosmonauts. Rather than just measuring heart rate, HRV measures the rhythmic pattern of the heart beat and from this rhythm, it’s able to determine how much stress the body is under and how well you’ve recovered from your previous training. HRV technology has been used for many years by some of the world’s biggest sports teams and organizations and has been used extensively in clinical research and medical settings as well. BioForce HRV is the next generation of HRV technology that’s easy to use, portable, and affordable.

Is BioForce HRV just for athletes?

Even though HRV has been used for years by some of the world’s best athletes and helped set Olympic and World Records, the technology is for anyone that takes their training and hard work seriously. If you put in time in the gym and want to get stronger, more explosive and in better shape in the absolute shortest time possible, BioForce HRV will help you get there. In my own gym in Seattle, I’ve used HRV to help everyone from housewives to Microsoft executives get in better shape and dramatically improve their health in record time. If you workout for fitness, performance, or general health, BioForce HRV will help you get the most out of your training.

What do I need for BioForce HRV?

To use BioForce HRV, you will need a device that runs the app, the wireless receiver, and a Polar (all models except WIND) or other analogue compatible wireless heart rate transmitter belt. If you already have a heart rate transmitter belt, make sure that it sends an analogue signal and is not coded like the Polar WIND models. Just about transmitter that is read by Life Fitness or other standard cardio equipment will work. The BioForce HRV app runs on the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and any Android based device. Please note, the app does not run on PC or Mac desktop or notebook computers.

Is there any research on HRV?

Heart rate variability has been extensively researched in many different fields of medicine and exercise physiology. To date, there have been more than 400 papers published in English alone and hundreds more in Russian. A wide range of this research has concluded that HRV is a valid and accurate measure of autonomic function and a gauge of stress on the body. Even more, HRV has been shown to correlate to risk of cardiovascular disease and is a predictor of sudden mortality. Because stress has such wide ranging effects on the body, HRV is a good general indicator of health and wellness and several studies have shown changes in HRV often occur before illness. Tracking HRV is a powerful way to manage not just your fitness and performance, but your health and wellness as well.

What’s in the Ultimate Guide to HRV Training?

The Ultimate Guide to HRV Training contains everything you need to know to use HRV to optimize your training and is based on my ten+ years of experience using the technology to train some of the best athletes in the world. The book is broken into two parts. Part one to teach you all about the stress of training and how heart rate variability works. After reading this, you’ll look at training from a whole new perspective and finally understand how all the pieces fit together. In part two, I’ll teach you exactly how to use heart rate variability as effectively as possible and discuss how to manage your training on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis based on your test results. The Ultimate Guide to HRV Training is the most comprehensive guide on the subject ever written and it contains a complete A to Z blueprint to putting HRV to work for you.

How do I measure HRV?

One of the best things about HRV is that it’s an incredibly simple and non-invasive test. All you will have to do is stay in a stable, resting position for 2:30 while the BioForce HRV records the intervals between heart beats. You can even do it while laying in bed in the morning. Unlike a lot of other measurements, you will NOT have to perform any physical tests or exertion and the entire thing takes less than 5 minutes from start to finish. Each test is stored in your phone so you can track your results on a daily basis wherever you are.

What makes BioForce HRV different?

I designed BioForce HRV based on my 10+ years of experience using HRV on a daily basis to manage the training programs of athletes and individuals of all levels. I’ve trained everyone from World Champions in MMA, to players in the NFL, NBA, NHL, NBA, NCAA to housewives and weekend warriors. There are very few coaches in the world that have as much experience using HRV as I do and BioForce HRV was modeled after the exact same system, the Omegawave Sport Technology System, that I have used for many years and it correlates very highly to the HRV results the Omegawave provides. BioForce HRV is the only system out there specifically modeled after the Omegawave and based on my own real-world experience training athletes and individuals of all levels using the technology. BioForce HRV is also the only system designed to integrate with BioForce Performance Testing and the entire BioForce Training System.

BioForce HRV was designed to integrate with BioForce Testing and lets you compare your fitness to today’s top MMA pros and track you improvements over time. You’ll see precisely how your aerobic fitness, strength, explosive power, muscular endurance, and overall performance really measures upBioForce Testing is the only standard of fitness for combat sports and it will help you eliminate your weak links. BioForce HRV includes FREE lifetime access to the system and together, they provide an incredibly powerful solution to help you maximize your fitness in record time.

I’ve used HRV for more than ten years with hundreds of athletes and I guarantee it’ll help you optimize your training and get better results than ever before. You can try it absolutely risk-free as long as you want and see just how well it works for yourself. If it doesn’t deliver the same results for you that it has for so many others and you aren’t feeling and performing dramatically better, simply return BioForce HRV at any time for a full 100% refund.

  • Fast and easy shipping anywhere in the world. BioForce HRV can be shipped anywhere in the world and includes shipping confirmation and tracking to all US addresses. The Ultimate Guide to HRV Training manual is a printed book, not a .pdf or downloadable ebook and will be shipped along with the wireless receiver and Polar RS100 if ordered.
  • FREE lifetime support through my discussion forum and email to make sure get the most out of your training using the BioForce HRV system and principles in the Ultimate Guide to HRV Training manual.
  • Instant Access to BioForce Testing System. As soon as your order is processed, you’ll receive instant access to the BioForce Testing System so you can find out how your fitness measures up to the top pros

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