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Combat Sports Injury Prevention


Within the last year, countless fights in the UFC have had to be canceled due to injuries to one, or even both, of the fighters. Not long ago, an entire show even had to be canceled because of injuries and the problem doesn’t seem to be getting any better……Read More

The Truth About Supplements


Tough Truths of Supplementation by Sol Orwell Sometimes things are only amazing because they are new Usually, the first time a supplement is going to be used in a human trial the conditions of the trial are manipulated a bit to get a positive result. Now, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and it…Read More

5 Ways to Improve Your Conditioning

Getting in great shape might not be easy, but there’s more to conditioning than simply training as hard as you can. After all, if it was simply a matter of nothing more than hard work, professional fighters would never gas out. The following three tips will help you supercharge your conditioning and get the most out of your training this winter by training smarter, not just harder.…Read More

Strength In Motion Seminar Available Now

After a long wait, the much anticipated Strength In Motion Seminar featuring Charlie Weingroff, Patrick Ward and me is finally available now on DVD and instantly streaming video. If you’re a strength coach or trainer, this is one you don’t want to miss  Continue reading……Read More

Ultimate Fight Conditioning – Push the Pace

With the recent inclusion of the lighter weight classes into the UFC, the fast and furious pace of the world’s top flyweights, bantamweights, and featherweights has been on display for all to see. Given their seemingly endless ability to throw lightning fast strikes and explosive takedowns from bell to bell without slowing down, it’s no wonder their fights are often so action packed and exciting.…Read More

How to Use a Heart Rate Monitor


Regardless of whether you’re a professional fighter, an up and coming amateur, or just train recreationally for fun, you no doubt want to get as much out of your hard work as possible. After all, nobody wants to go into the gym day in and day out and yet not see any real improvements from all their effort. Sadly, this is exactly what happens all too often and most athletes and trainees have experienced times in their training where progress has grinded to a halt and a plateau has been reached.…Read More

BioForce HRV 2.0 Preview

BioForceHRV- Bluetooth 4.0 -2

Check out this exclusive sneak preview of the upcoming release of BioForce HRV 2.0! This is a MAJOR upgrade to the current HRV system and it features a brand new integration with the web. Watch the video to discover all the great new features and functions coming in BioForce HRV 2.0……Read More

Sports Injuries – Let’s Stop Blaming the Exercise

Recently, while both attending and presenting at a professional conference, during a particular speaker presentation a conversation (actually a debate) arose by some attendees regarding their opposition (actually condemning) of the utilization of specific weight room exercises which were a portion of the content of the speaker’s presentation.  …Read More