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The Truth About Supplements


Tough Truths of Supplementation by Sol Orwell Sometimes things are only amazing because they are new Usually, the first time a supplement is going to be used in a human trial the conditions of the trial are manipulated a bit to get a positive result. Now, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and it…Read More

Recovery Strategies


Recovery and regeneration strategies have become a hot topic in the fitness world as of late, but there’s a lot more misinformation than anything else. In this week’s episode of 8WeeksOut U, I’ll share with you the details of why, when and how to use different recovery strategies to get the best results.…Watch Video

How to Fix Your Bootcamp Training


Over the last several years, bootcamp training has taken over the fitness industry. Unfortunately, the vast majority of them suck! Not only are they NOT designed to produce the best results, most of them are set up to cause injuries and overtraining…Watch Video

Video: How to Use a Heart Rate Monitor


Using a heart rate monitor is one of the most effective ways to get more out of your training, but too many people don’t really know how to use one properly. In this episode, you’ll see just how easy it is to use a heart rate monitor and we’ll show you step by step how…Watch Video

Sports Nutrition Roundtable

Sports nutrition is essential to all areas of performance, so this week we brought in special guests Kiefer, James Fitzgerald and Mark McLaughlin to give their thoughts on how athletes should be eating. If you want to get stronger, more explosive and improve your conditioning, you have to pay attention to your diet. Check out…Watch Video

High Intensity Continuous Training

My long time friend and special guest Mark McLaughlin of Performance Training Center joins the show to discuss how he trains his athletes and how to correctly perform the High Intensity Continuous Training Method to improve your conditioning. This is one of the most effective training methods out there that almost nobody knows about and…Watch Video

BioForce HRV 2.0 Preview

BioForceHRV- Bluetooth 4.0 -2

Check out this exclusive sneak preview of the upcoming release of BioForce HRV 2.0! This is a MAJOR upgrade to the current HRV system and it features a brand new integration with the web. Watch the video to discover all the great new features and functions coming in BioForce HRV 2.0……Read More

Sports Injuries – Let’s Stop Blaming the Exercise

Recently, while both attending and presenting at a professional conference, during a particular speaker presentation a conversation (actually a debate) arose by some attendees regarding their opposition (actually condemning) of the utilization of specific weight room exercises which were a portion of the content of the speaker’s presentation.  …Read More

The Paradox of the Strength & Conditioning Professional

The role and responsibilities of the Strength and Conditioning (S&C) Professional are very distinctive, especially when considered in comparison to the other organization “team” of professionals whom are also responsible for the medical care and athletic performance of the athlete (i.e. medical and rehabilitation professionals, position/assistant/head coaches, etc.)…Read More

Weightlifting at the Arnold Classic

My brother and I were sitting in our room at the Hampton Inn across the street from the Arnold Fitness Expo when he got the email. MIT wished him the best of luck at the 2012 Olympic Trials/National Weightlifting Championships but, unfortunately, they decided his time spent in the Olympic development program would not count towards his PE credit. Mike and I looked at each other incredulously before he broke the silence. “Well I guess they take ALL kinds of education very seriously.”…Read More