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Learn the essential principles behind conditioning to write and manage your own program

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Discover the keys to creating your own training program individualized to achieve your specific goals

Conditioning Blueprint will give you the tools you need to get starting on creating your own training program individualized to achieve your goals.

  • Over 3 Hours of Video

    Access content covering everything from what conditioning is to writing conditioning programs.

  • Sample Program Templates

    Utilize free sample training templates to get started on mapping out your own program.

  • Downloadable PowerPoint Slides

    All the information is at your fingertips with easily downloadable PowerPoint content.

Take Control of Your Training Results.

4 Info-Packed Presentations

From one of the industry’s top conditioning experts


Discover the essential principles that you need to know in order to understand what conditioning really is and how to improve it through effective programming.

  • The basics of energy systems and why “experts” have it all wrong
  • How the anaerobic power reserve is essential to conditioning
  • Why aerobic fitness is essential to maintaining power output
  • The real keys to developing the kind of conditioning needed to win


Every program comes down to the methods used. The most effective conditioning methods are covered in detail as well as where they fit within the conditioning spectrum.

  • How to select the right training method
  • The right way to sequence different training methods
  • Why most people are wrong about lower intensity training methods
  • The most important principle when it comes to long-term results


The basic principles of creating effective conditioning programs is covered, including a simple, step-by-step process that makes programming easier than ever.

  • The must-know principles behind writing effective programs
  • How to structure training blocks that will improve conditioning
  • The difference of programming for a range of fitness levels
  • Which assessments will help you choose the right training methods


One of the most overlooked aspect of programming is effective program management. The most effective monitoring and management tools are outlined.

  • Why monitoring is essential to progress and avoiding plateaus
  • The most effective technologies to streamline program management
  • How to analyze and make changes daily, weekly and monthly
  • Small changes that add up to a big difference in long term results

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    Learn time-tested methods used by today’s top athletes to revolutionize the way you approach your training.

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