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4 Info-Packed Presentations From One Of The
Industry's Top Conditioning Experts

Learn the essential principles behind conditioning to write and manage your own program

Module 1: Conditioning Essentials
Discover the essential principles behind conditioning really is and how to improve it through effective programming.

  • The basics of energy systems and why “experts” have it all wrong
  • How the anaerobic power reserve is essential to conditioning
  • Why aerobic fitness is essential to maintaining power output


Module 2: Methods of Conditioning
Every program comes down to the methods used. The most effective conditioning methods and where they fit in the conditioning spectrum are covered in detail.

  • How to select the right training method
  • Why most people are wrong about lower intensity training methods
  • The most important principle when it comes to long term results

Module 3: Writing Effective Conditioning Programs
Learn basic principles of creating effective conditioning programs, including a simple, step-by-step process that makes programming easier than ever.

  • The must-know principles behind writing effective programs
  • How to structure training blocks that will improve conditioning
  • Which assessments will help you choose the right training methods

Module 4: Program Management
One of the most overlooked aspect of programming is effective program management. The most effective monitoring and management tools are outlined.

  • Why monitoring is essential to progress and avoiding plateaus
  • The most effective technologies to streamline program management
  • How to analyze and make changes daily, weekly and monthly

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