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Ketosis during the general endurance block?

PostPosted: Mon Dec 19, 2011 5:18 pm
by selfcritical
Ok, read an abstract about enhanced training effects of muscular endurance training on journal of applied physiology, and some of Lyle's musing's here ... ce-qa.html

Similarly, I had been reading a bit about the "train low, race high" school of thought on Mark's daily apple ... z1h1qq6yM8

And once I finish this SS-style general strength block, I'm planning on another general endurance block, so my thought was.....

Cyclical Ketogenic diet to match up with the periodization

So, first 4 weeks of the block
Working on Cardiac output, HICT, Tempo method lifting(possible strength-aerobic), and a small volume of tempo runs
Spend the first 4 week block eating purely ketogenically, with a very high volume of omega 3 and 6 fats, eating fish, grass-fed beef, free-range eggs, fish oil supplementing, and drowning my veggies in avocado/olive/coconut oil, as well as supplementing with fish oil pills, and green tea extract prior to longer bouts of excercise to boost fat utllization

Second block
Work on Threshold work, HRI(or possibly aerobic plyo's), explosive repeat lifting, and a more moderate volume of tempo runs for recovery.
Raise carbs per day to about 150g(still low), supplement with beta-alanine/creatine mix to offset effects of glycosis.

Basic idea here is to see just how much I can stack the deck in favor of mitochondrial biogenesis by eliminating carbs, and making sure that healthy fat is freely available during a high volume of aerobic power work. I figure my performance will be shit during the first 4 weeks, but that the training effect might be enhanced....thoughts?

PS. Once i switched back to a general strength block I would re-load carbs, and set aerobic power work to maintenance, so hopefully having all those carbs available will help the rebound effect from the end of the last block