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Special Strength Training Manual For Coaches

Verkhoshansky’s Long-Awaited Special Strength Training Manual For Coaches 2.0 Is Finally Here! Discover The Most Practical Guide To Developing Explosive Strength & Power From One Of The Greatest Sports Scientists In History!

  • Maximize Your Explosive Strength & Power!
  • Discover The Keys To Using The Block Training System
  • The Most Effective Training Means & Methods
  • Real World Sample Programs For Different Sports
  • How To Use Plyometrics The Right Way
  • “Ultra Mass” muscle building 3-day microcycle
This Manual Is An Absolute Must Read For Every Coach And Athlete Who Takes Performance Seriously

If you’ve been around the world of strength, conditioning, and fitness for very long, you’ve undoubtedly been exposed to endless claims and different products being offered from various “experts” in the field. To be perfectly honest and to the point, I consider the vast majority of what’s being marketed and sold in this industry these days to be junk and a total waste of time to read.

This is the plain and simple reason that I have never considered marketing or selling any other author’s books on this site before now – I refuse to sell anything I don’t believe 100% and use myself.

When I found out that the long-awaited final release of Verkhoshansky’s Special Strength Training Manual For Coaches was coming, I knew I had to do everything I could to bring the readers of 8weeksout the opportunity to get their hands on this manual as soon as it came out. After spending the last ten plus years studying Verkhoshansky’s work and learning how to effectively apply his training methods and philosophy myself, I knew firsthand just how powerful they are and I wanted to make sure his final work (he passed away last year) reached as many people as possible.

Unlike 99% of the training information that’s out there today, Verkhoshansky’s material is based on science and years of application. Not only was he literally one of the architects behind the USSR’s sporting dominance of the 70s and 80s, but he’s also largely responsible for developing what we know today as “plyometrics” – one of the most effective training methods for improving explosive strength and power ever created!

Special Strength Training Manual For Coaches is Verkhoshanky’s final and most practical work and unlike some of his earlier material – which was largely written from a purely scientific standpoint – this manual was written with coaches and athletes in mind. He knew this would likely be his final work and he wanted to lay to rest a lot of the questions people had about his training concepts and give as many real world examples as possible.

A lot of people talk about his work and his methods, but so few truly understand how to apply it in the manner he originally intended. Finally the myths and misconceptions surrounding his work can be put to rest and coaches and athletes can put his life’s work to good use and develop the most effective training programs possible.

The manual is a completely updated version of his previous manual by the same title and contains over 150 new pages of pure training wisdom. As soon as you read it you’ll see exactly why most consider him one of the true pioneers in sports science and why he’s had such a large influence on so many coaches – myself included. His work has been as influential in my coaching as anyone out there and the results speak for themselves.


  • The Shock Method (real plyometrics) and when to use it in the training program for maximum results…discover what real plyometric training is all about and see why many experts have it all wrong
  • The power of using the right rest interval…when I started following these guidelines the strength and power of all my athletes started improving dramatically!
  • Block Training System…and how to use the conjugate-sequence system. Trust me, you’ll see why most people have no idea what conjugate training really means
  • Practical programming examples…see real world program examples from different sports such as football, basketball, track and field and more!
  • The most effective training methods designed to improve strength and power…and exactly how and when to use them throughout the year for maximum results
  • How to maximize “Jump force”…I routinely increase an athlete’s vertical jump 3-4″ using these principles
  • Ultra Mass Bodybuilding Program…for athletes who need to put on muscle mass as quickly as possible
  • Specific exercises for a variety of sports - discover what specificity really means and why so many experts are using the wrong exercises
  • How to warm up properly…you’ll see why so many athletes fail to warm up as effectively as possible
  • Discover how to create training programs for any sport from start to finish…the most practical guide to programming Verkhoshansky has ever released
  • And much more!

If Your Performance Relies On Explosive Strength Then Stop Wasting Time With Ineffective Methods & Discover The Truth

The sad truth is that the strength, conditioning, and fitness business is largely driven on fads, marketing hype, and product sales rather than on science and reality. The voices of those who do the most talking are heard far more than the top scientists and coaches in the field actually doing the work. Marketing experts are the ones making all the money.

Prof. Verkhoshansky is a truly groundbreaking pioneer in the field of sports sciences and performance and yet only those in field truly dedicated to improving their knowledge and continually striving to evolve as coaches and trainers understand the real value of his work. If you’ve never read any of his material before, this is the manual you want to get. It’s by far the most practical and easy to use resource he’s ever put together.

You will not only discover new training methods you’ve never seen or heard of before, you’ll also see why so many training programs are not build correctly from the ground up. You’ll find out how simple the most effective training programs really are and how to manipulate volume and intensity to achieve better results than ever.

Years ago I started incorporating Verkhoshansky’s methods and principles into the training programs of everyone I trained and as soon as I started seeing the results I never looked back. If you want to have access to the same material I rely on, the same methods I use, then this is a manual you absolutely must have. Period.

I Stand Behind This Product 100% – I Guarantee It’ll Be A Training Resource You’ll Refer to Again & Again or Your Money Back!

I will never sell anything on this site or put my name behind anything that I don’t believe in 100% and Special Strength Training Manual For Coaches is the first book from another author that I’ve sold for a reason – I know firsthand the methods and principles discussed inside it work. I’ve used them throughout my training programs for more than ten years and I know if you put them to use they’ll do the same for you. If not, simply return the manual for a full refund, no questions asked.

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