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  • Dramatically Improve Your Explosive Power!
  • Finish Your Fights By KO Or Submission
  • Discover The Secrets To Hitting Harder
  • Build Your Own 8 Week Training Program
  • Train Like Today’s Top Pros!

For the last 7 years, I’ve trained top fighters from all over the world and helped them become more explosive than ever before. Pros like Rich Franklin, Spencer Fisher, Hayato Sakurai, Jens Pulver, Chris Leben, Matt Brown, KJ Noons, Ben Rothwell, Tim Boetsch and many more have all counted on me to make them more explosive and get them ready for combat.

I put together Explosive Power for Combat Sports to teach you the same methods and exercises I’ve used with them and to show how to put together a training program to transform your explosive power from the ground up. There’s never been a DVD like it!

A Sneak Peak of What You’ll See…

Every Fighter Wants To Be More Explosive

Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or just getting started in combat sports. I’m sure you know how just how important explosive power is. If you want to be the kind of fighter that has the fight-finishing power it takes to get wins by KO or submission, you have to put in the time training to improve it.

No matter what combat sport you train in, MMA, Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Kickboxing, etc., being more explosive WILL make you better. Explosive fighters are not born, they are trained. Let me show you the most effective and fastest ways to transform yourself into a whole new athlete!

“Of all the coaches I’ve ever dealt with, Joel Jamieson’s knowledge of training, the science behind it, and the process of turning athletes into absolute machines is absolutely peerless. I’d say, without hesitation, that Joel is the absolute best in the business. With my job, I have the opportunity to interview virtually anyone. Joel’s the coach I call when I actually want to learn something.”
Rob Fitzgerald, Senior Editor Muscle & Fitness
Everything You Need To Know To Become More Explosive Than Ever Is Covered On The DVD

  • Principles of Explosive Power – Discover what explosive power really is and why it’s so important to performance in every combat sport. Once you understand these principles, you’ll see why most fighters go about training power all wrong.
  • The 4 more effective training methods – you’ll learn exactly how to use the Ballistic effort, Plyometric, Contrast and Alactic Power methods, including the most effective sets and reps schemes for each.
  • 16 radically effective explosive power exercises that will make a difference where it really counts…in the ring, cage, or on the mat. Using the right exercises is the key to improving punching power and becoming heavy handed.
  • Programming. Discover how to take the 4 methods and 16 exercises and put together your own 8 week training program guaranteed to improve your explosive power using my simple 5 step programming system.
  • How to Hit Harder – exclusive drills and techniques you can do to maximize the power of a straight right hand and kicking harder than ever before. These simple principles are rarely discussed or taught, even by the best coaches out there.
  • And So Much More. With more than 75 minutes of footage and training material, you’ll get a complete A-Z guide to training to improve your explosive power. Absolutely everything you need to know to become the kind of fighter that gets the win by KO or submission is covered on the DVD.


Get Ready For The BioForce Revolution…

Eliminate the guesswork. For the first time ever, BioForce eliminates the guesswork from programming with the revolutionary BioForce Performance Fitness Report. You’ll see precisely how your aerobic fitness, strength, explosive power, muscular endurance, and overall performance really stacks next to the top pros I’ve trained!

BioForce testing is the first and only standard of physical fitness for combat sports. Purchase Explosive Power for Combat Sports today and you’ll get FREE lifetime access to the testing system!


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