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Heart Rate Monitors



If you’ve read any of my articles and/or purchased my new book then you know just how powerful using a heart rate monitor in your training can be. There is no more effective way to assess your weaknesses, gauge your progress, and maximize the time you spend in the gym than to incorporate heart rate monitoring into your daily training plan.

If you aren’t using a heart rate monitor then you are just guessing!The Polar RS100 is my hand picked recommendation as the ideal heart rate monitoring solution for MMA and combat sport athletes. This is the heart rate monitor I use myself with all the top fighters I train. Its unique lap function is the most effective and simplest way to track round by round average heart rate and heart rate recovery between rounds.

There is no more powerful tool to help fine tune your training like never before than to get this kind of invaluable information and immediate feedback.

The RS100 is the cheapest coach you will ever have.

Let’s face it, the best coaches don’t come cheap and are hard to find, but with the RS100 you can get the value of a simple monitoring and coaching tool for less than what most top coaches would charge for a single private training session.

The RS100 is a simple, no-fuss solution that’s perfect for any combat athlete who wants to get on the right track to conditioning and performance. It comes with a variety of uncomplicated yet highly effective features.

  • Measures your heart rate combined with flexible timing features
  • Automatically sets your heart rate aerobic zones depending on how hard you want to train
  • Shows you how many calories and the percentage of fat you’ve burned
  • Calculate your time spent on each exercise, how well you’ve kept to certain sport zones and how many calories you’ve burned
  • Records up to 99 lap/splits for every training session so you can work to improve on your best time and monitor your heart rate over time. This an incredibly powerful feature for MMA!

T-31 Coded Wearlink Fabric Transmitter

The RS100 even comes standard with the upgraded T-31 coded wearlink fabric transmitter. This is a huge value added bonus and is worth the price alone because the wearlink transmitter is far and away the most comfortable and best fitting transmitter made! Not only that, but it’s coded so if you’re training around other fighers or athletes wearing heart rate monitors you won’t get any interference. It’s far superior for MMA training to the standard plastic ones and normally costs over $50 just by itself.

If you’re serious about getting the most out of your training, and I assume you must be if you’re a member of this site, then this is the heart rate monitor you want to buy and I recommend you start using it in all of your training immediately. I wouldn’t be offering it on this site if I didn’t think it was one of the most powerful training tools you could ever buy and I wouldn’t be using it with all my fighters if I didn’t think it was the best monitor for MMA that there is.

Get your Polar RS100 today and start improving your strength, power, and conditioning faster than ever before for just $109.95 or check out our product bundles to save even more.

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