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Recovery Strategies

Recovery and regeneration strategies have become a hot topic in the fitness world as of late, but there’s a lot more misinformation than anything else. In this week’s episode of 8WeeksOut U, I’ll share with you the details of why, when and how to use different recovery strategies to get the best results.…Watch Video

FREE Conditioning Program

At some point, just about every athlete needs to improve their conditioning. Almost daily I get questions about how to put together a conditioning program that really works. Well, over the next few weeks, I’m going to show you how easy it is to improve your conditioning with the right training program.…Watch Video

Multidirectional Sled Hip Drills

The hips are incredibly important for performance in just about any sport. For combat athletes, strong hips are essential to effective kicks, knee strikes and a good guard. Whether you’re an MMA athlete or not, these simple sled drills are a great way to strengthen your hips and improve your overall explosive power…Watch Video

NSW Fitness Mile with Rogue Performance

This week Craig Weller and Jonathan Pope of Rogue Performance in Denver, Colorado share one of their training methods and show you how to perform the NSW Mile. These guys are known for their unconventional yet effective training programs…Watch Video

Sports Nutrition Roundtable

Sports nutrition is essential to all areas of performance, so this week we brought in special guests Kiefer, James Fitzgerald and Mark McLaughlin to give their thoughts on how athletes should be eating. If you want to get stronger, more explosive and improve your conditioning, you have to pay attention to your diet. Check out…Watch Video

CrossFit Champion vs. MMA Conditioning

Welcome to the first episode of 8WeeksOut TV! Discover how the first ever CrossFit Games Champion James Fitzgerald does when he takes on a brutal mma conditioning test that I’ve used to gauge the conditioning of top fighters and other athletes for the last five years. James also gives his thoughts on the politics of…Watch Video

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