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The Truth About Supplements


Tough Truths of Supplementation
by Sol Orwell

Sometimes things are only amazing because they are new

Usually, the first time a supplement is going to be used in a human trial the conditions of the trial are manipulated a bit to get a positive result.

5 Ways to Improve Your Conditioning

Getting in great shape might not be easy, but there’s more to conditioning than simply training as hard as you can. After all, if it was simply a matter of nothing more than hard work, professional fighters would never gas out.

Jim Laird Guest Post

Bootcamps and group exercise classes are all the rage right now. In fact, as you’ve probably noticed, they are popping up on every corner. As a gym owner, personal trainer, or strength coach, this is probably driving you completely nuts. All of these crazy Bootcamps are coming to town and offering crappy beatdown-style-workouts for $10-20 a class.

Dangerously Hardcore Podcast

The one and only Kiefer, most commonly known for his carb backloading book, recently asked me to come on his BioJacked Radio and discuss everything from MMA to bodybuilding. The discussion went on for over an hour and we literally covered it all.

Ultimate Fight Conditioning – Push the Pace

With the recent inclusion of the lighter weight classes into the UFC, the fast and furious pace of the world’s top flyweights, bantamweights, and featherweights has been on display for all to see. Given their seemingly endless ability to throw lightning fast strikes and explosive takedowns from bell to bell without slowing down, it’s no wonder their fights are often so action packed and exciting.

How to Use a Heart Rate Monitor

Regardless of whether you’re a professional fighter, an up and coming amateur, or just train recreationally for fun, you no doubt want to get as much out of your hard work as possible. After all, nobody wants to go into the gym day in and day out and yet not see any real improvements from all their effort.