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Sports Nutrition Roundtable

Sports nutrition is essential to all areas of performance, so this week we brought in special guests Kiefer, James Fitzgerald and Mark McLaughlin to give their thoughts on how athletes should be eating. If you want to get stronger, more explosive and improve your conditioning, you have to pay attention to your diet. Check out…Watch Video

Truth About Energy Systems FREE Video

A few weeks ago I gave a lecture on energy systems at the Central Virginia Sports Performance Seminar at the University of Richmond in Virginia. For everyone who wasn’t able to attend the lecture or watch it live online, you can now see the presentation in its entirety and you can even download my lecture…Read More

How To Breakthrough Training Plateaus Part: I


Hitting a training plateau is without question one of the most frustrating things that can happen to anyone who takes their training and their fitness/performance seriously. Nothing is worse than training hard day in and day and not really seeing any progress, and yet this is exactly what is happening on a far too regular basis in gyms and weight rooms all over the world.…Read More