Performance Tips: Grip Training

Grip Strength

Grip strength is a skill that many athletes simply miss the boat on, and yet it does not take a ton of time to develop.  Even though grip strength may not seem obviously applicable to certain sports, it is a surprisingly prevalent physical quality that can makes a huge difference in athletic performance in almost all areas.…Watch Video

Axle Clean and Press


The Apollon Axle Clean and Press is one of the more common strongman lifts and while similar to the Olympic weightlifting style clean and jerk, the technique is unique. Although it’s conceptually simple, this lift requires great precision. The bar itself can be much more than just a handful! Zack McCarley and Patrick Castelli are here to help.…Watch Video

Atlas Stone


The atlas stone is by far the most iconic and oldest of the strongman lifts and yet so many people get it totally wrong. Although simplistic in idea, this ancient lift is very technical and there’s a lot that needs to be done very precisely for it to be done safely and effectively.…Watch Video

How to Tire Flip


The tire flip is by far one of the most commonly used Strongman lifts and yet so many people get it wrong. Even though the lift may seem simple, there’s a lot that needs to be done precisely in order for it to be done safely and effectively. Discover how to master the tire flip.…Watch Video

Zack McCarley’s Box Jumps

Zack McCarley's Box Jumps

Ever wonder what some of the strongest men in the world do for their training? In this episode of8WeeksOut TV, we haves special guest Zack McCarley, a six-time national champion in sport of Strong Man and reigning America’s Strongest Man.…Watch Video

HRV Training for Strength


In this week’s episode of 8 Weeks Out University, Joel and Patrick cover how to develop national champion-caliber strength with HRV. Using Patrick’s training program that earned him the coveted national title, we’ll answer your questions on HRV training for strength.…Watch Video

BioForce Athlete Profile: Zack McCarley


Lightweight Pro Strongman Zack McCarley is a six time national champion, three time reigning America’s Strongest Man under 231 pounds, and the newest BioForce Athlete! Find out how he uses BioForce HRV to keep him at the top of his sport.…Watch Video

Special Guest Matt Hume

Special Guest Matt Hume

Howie gets some one-on-one time with world-renowned MMA coach Matt Hume to pick his brain on how UFC Champion Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson was able to win his last title defense with the latest submission finish in UFC history!…Watch Video

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