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Last week I introduced you to the first three of the new contributors I’m bringing to the site to be part of the 8weeksout team. This week, I’d like to introduce you to three more. Just like the first three, each of these guys is well educated and incredibly experienced and they will be providing top quality content that you won’t find anywhere else. They are the best of the best and we’re all extremely fortunate they’ve agreed to come on board.


Anthony Almada B.Sc. M.Sc.
I am extremely excited to have Anthony Almada, one of the true titans and pioneering researchers of the supplement industry, on board. I first read about Anthony as far back as the mid 90s when he co-founded what is now the largest sports nutrition company in the world today, Experimental and Applied Sciences (EAS). Largely credited with helping to introduce creatine to the market with EAS’s Phosphagen products, Anthony is an extremely well published researcher and scientist, having been a co-investigator on more than 60 University trials. 

On a personal level, I was first introduced to Anthony through a friend, Dr. Susan Kleiner, and began using his VitargoS2 product with my fighters. He was quick to provide the research behind his products and answer any and all questions that I had. Anthony will be providing articles and contributions on supplements and nutrition and he is hands down one of the most experienced in the business, having been in the supplement game since 1975.

Check out more of Athony’s impressive resume


Patrick Ward, MS CSCS, LMT
Patrick Ward is a Strength and Conditioning Coach and Licensed Massage Therapist out of Tempe, Arizona. He’s an expert at treating and managing soft tissue, having been certified in Active Release Techniques (ART) as well as Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) and the founder of Optimum Sports Performance in 2006. 

I asked Patrick to contribute to the site because the treatment and management of soft tissue as an important and yet often poorly understood aspect of performance. Often, only top athletes have access to good massage and other soft tissue therapists, but every competitive athlete needs to understand the benefits of finding the right therapist and how to deal with various soft tissue injuries.

Patrick will be contributing a series on soft tissue treatment and management, with an emphasis on understanding uses and the differences between the many different forms of therapy out there. From Active Release Techniques to Trigger Point Therapy, Graston, Neuromuscular Therapy, Strain-Counterstrain, etc., it can be very easy get lost when trying to find the right therapist to treat a particular soft tissue injury. Patrick is a well educated therapist with a great deal of experience and I’m very much looking forward to have him contribute to the site.

Check out Patrick’s blog

Landon Evans
Landon Evans is an exceptional Strength & Conditioning Coach that I’ve known and respected for many years. He is one of the few out there who combines a strong educational background in the field with extensive experience working with a wide variety of athletes, from middle school to collegiate to top pros. He already has a masters degree in exercise physiology and is currently working towards a second masters in nutrition at Illinois State, where he’s currently working as their Strength & Conditioning Coach. 

I first met Landon several years ago in Chicago at a seminar featuring Dr. Verkhoshansky. I kept in touch over the years as he was working at the Performance Training Center in Portland Oregon and he was one of the first guys I contacted when I began putting together a list of coaches I wanted to contribute to the site. He has contributed in the past to and has been a highly successful Powerlifter himself.

Landon’s extremely knowledgeable on a wide variety of areas of strength, conditioning, and nutrition and he’ll be contributing articles on many different areas as such. You can read more about Landon and his background as an athlete and coach here.

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