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Not long ago one of the 8weeksout site members dropped me a line to let me know about a book on training that the author had decided to start distributing for free in order to “share the wealth” as he put it. Well, I downloaded the book myself and took a quick look through it and it was obvious the author had put a ton of work into it as it was quite well researched and full of information.

Although I haven’t had time to go through it in detail yet, it’s certainly worth passing along to everyone on the site and you can’t beat the price! Download for free using the link below and make sure to post comments after reading through it.


  1. i have recently retired from playing rugby due to repeated knee injury, i also recently qualified as a trainer but am looking for a new sport to keep my in shape and give me that edge. I know at my age(40) i am too old to think about the fighting game, i did box when i was in the Army but really need something to get me fired up and passionate again. Any advice and help would be much appreciated. Drew.

  2. Thanks for the free pdf!

    This would make an excellent “modern” text book for collegiate athletic trainers or even exercise phys students. It is worth more than the going rate considering my crappy college texts went for at least $100 a pop.

    Definitely worth reading through Joel, always good to reinforce your foundational stuff.


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