1. Great thought provoking article Joel, however it leaves me perplexed as how to schedule my workouts. I’ve been doing Monday and Thursday as Strength Days, LSD on Tuesdays and Fridays, HICT on weds, speed/power based off your dvd on Saturdays.

    I read on Lyle’s site that light cardio is good for recovery of the worked muscles, so I put my LSD days of 90 mins after my strength days. Now I’m confused as to how I should rearrange my workout week in light of this article. Feedback from anyone would be greatly appreciate it, and if its too much of a loaded question, I’ll post in the forum if I got no replies. Thanks!

      1. mikiemike87,

        Glad you enjoyed the piece, man.

        Without knowing your goals, it would be hard to assess the effectiveness of the training schedule you presented.

        As mentioned in the article, however, developing a strong aerobic foundation for energy production and getting stronger are not necessarily competing adaptations. While I accept that training both qualities may inhibit the ability to maximize one over the other, aerobic training is NOT the strength/power killer that some make it out to be. This is even more true of someone who is a beginner/intermediate.

        And I completely agree with Lyle – 15-20 minutes of moderately paced aerobic after a strength session can definitely help speed up recovery. Can we both agree that 90 minutes of CO development may not constitute LIGHT aerobic work? 🙂


        1. I thought if a little was good, a lot is even better! I’ll just play around with my schedule. I’m a true beginner in fitness, but have been reading up on Joel, and Lyles stuff for the past few years. Fascinating stuff, thanks Eric

  2. Joel, I’m also having difficulties downloading the article. Any other suggestions. I’m getting a compatibility error, and I’m certain my software is compatible…

  3. My biochemistry isn’t so advanced… when the article is talking about all the different adaptations are they local adaptations or general adaptations… Simple question I guess, If I go running all month do all my muscles begin to show the same aerobic adaptations or is it localized in the muscles that have done the aerobic work?

    1. Muscular adaptations are localized to the muscles that are actually doing the work because that’s where the stress is placed during the exercise. If there is no metabolic or mechanical demand placed on a muscle then there is no reason for it to adapt.

  4. Hi Joel,
    I know that this is an old post but I still love reading all of your stuff.

    I’d like to know your take on concurrently training someone specifically for CrossFit. The obvious challenge lies within the fact that CrossFit athletes need to have a good level of development in all energy systems.

    For this type of athlete if strength/structural balance and an aerobic “base” lay the foundation for the more intense/high volume of training to come later in the year, how would you schedule this appropriately into the week if the athlete trains twice per day? Thanks!

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