The Smartest Coach in the Room: Gerry Ramogida

It doesn’t matter if you’re a coach, therapist, or athlete: becoming better is a continual process. This field is growing and changing so rapidly that many coaches will be left behind simply because they won’t...

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How to be a coach Blog

My Top 8 Resources for Coaches

When I was first getting into the fitness industry 20 years ago, if someone would have told me that I’d eventually become known as an expert in conditioning and build an online business, I’d have...

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The Ultimate Conditioning Guide

If you’ve been through a few of our articles, you may have noticed a common thread.  In fact, the majority of my posts are elaborations of a few core principles of conditioning and fitness. The truth...

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Combat Sports Injury Prevention

Within the last year, countless fights in the UFC have had to be canceled due to injuries to one, or even both, of the fighters. Not long ago, an entire show even had to be...

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Joint Mechanics: The Shoulder

In this final installment in Dr. Gerry Ramogida's series on biomechanical evaluation and treatment for maximum performance, he covers the shoulder joint. For combat athletes, throwing athletes, and a great deal many others, the shoulder...

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