By Joel Jamieson

You don’t have to kill yourself every day to improve your conditioning.

There is extreme value in using lower intensity exercises.

In today’s video, we’ll cover three low intensity methods to get you started on week 1 of increasing your conditioning:

1.) Cardiac Output Method
2.) Tempo Interval Method
3.) High Resistance Interval Method

The cardiac output method, or roadwork 2.0, helps to improve your body’s ability to supply the muscles with oxygen.

It is important to keep your heart rate between 130-150 bpm for 30-40 minutes. This can be done with a variety of exercises such as swimming, jumping rope, shadow boxing, biking, jogging, etc.

The tempo interval method will help you develop localized muscular endurance.

The key to tempo intervals is to not go 100%, but instead stay at a low-moderate intensity of around 70% of your max for 10-12 sec followed by a 60 sec break.

This method should consist of 8-14 intervals and can be done with multiple exercises such as swimming, biking, rowing, or on the treadmill.

The high resistance interval method develops endurance in the fast twitch muscle fibers.

It is essential to have 5 sec of high resistance and high intensity exercise followed by a rest interval that brings the heart rate back down to 130bpm or lasts 60 sec. This method can be performed effectively by varying the incline on a treadmill or by adjusting the resistance on a stationary bike.

Your HRV and resting heart rate will help determine which of the three exercise methods should predominate in your conditioning program.
Learn more about HRV

REMEMBER, you only want to do the minimum amount of exercise necessary to cause improvement!

Be patient. The methods will get more challenging but your do not need to kill yourself to see improvement in your conditioning.


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