1. Wow, thanks Joel! I was looking for something new to read since I’ve finished Supertraining, Conditioning for Strength and Human Performance, and IOC Strength & Power In Sport.

    1. I also was unable to get to the second link, but I did share it on my FB page. Can you offer better instructions on how to get to the PDF?


  2. I’m also having trouble getting to the actual pdf in the end. a url that seems to contain the pdf is displayed but the page won’t load.

  3. To everyone having issues….once you hit the “share to get” button and you make a post, there is a link that shows in the same box. You need to right click that box and hit “save as” in order to download the file. It’s a 60MB file, if you just click the link it will try to open in the window and will take forever to download. If you right click and save as then you can save it to your computer.

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