1. I agree Joel, I am an elite level rower and have completed an iron man.

    Rowing is a race fro 6 minutes and requires a mixture if anaerobic and aerobic fitness.
    Elite level towers will often spend 60-90 minutes paddling to build their endurance base.

    They don’t just train 6 minute intervals.

    When I started BJJ nearly 10 months ago, Ive been able to outlast many more skilful opponents because of my cardio.

    Gavin Allinson

  2. Joel, great article, what kind of bodyweight calisthenics are you using in a typical 2.0 circuit, I can’t think of many suitable for 5-15mins of solid work keeping HR values in a 130-150 range?

  3. i.e I’m assuming the target is constant movement rather than a burpee/push up/walking lunge etc every 10 seconds and even then for most I would guess (certainly for me anyway) that muscular endurance would be a bigger problem over this duration. Clearly I may just need to man up though..

  4. SOB… As I was reading I’m like “WTF, has he lost his mind? Did he watch Rocky I last night?” Then you brought things back to reality.
    Great article. Very sensible and practical for every fighter to use right now. I appreciate how you included the specific HR ranges along with the charts for the athletes to see. Verrrrryy Niiiice!

  5. Late to the article, but glad I found it. Agree so much here. The only thing to add:

    re: “Despite the endless promotion of interval training as the only form of training necessary, the world of combat sports has not seen a noticeable increase in conditioning over this time. If anything, in fact, the general conditioning level of fighters today is worse than it’s been in the past.

    Rarely does a major MMA event go by that we aren’t seeing at least one or more fights won or lost due to conditioning.”

    MMA in general is so driven by such huge weight-cuts it is hard to get a grasp on just why fighters are regularly gassing out. I can’t help but feel that the UFC has inadvertently really tarnished it’s product by producing a sport where cutting weight is almost as important as anything else. We end up getting fighters in the ring who just aren’t fighting at their physical peak. Is this because of the interval training craze, probably. But add in the weight cuts and we have a perfect storm of lower performance.

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