1. Are they the only basic lifts that you use? And do you use their variations (e.g. back squat, front squat, conventional deadlift, sumo deadlift, romanian deadlift, cable row, chest supported row on a bench…)?

  2. For people who train to achieve fighter’s physical development but doesn’t actually do MMA (skill sessions), how many sessions of strength, how many sessions of conditioning would you recommend in order to see improvements?

  3. Hi Joel,

    This looks like the perfect workout plan for me. But a couple of quick questions.

    1) Do you increase the weight in the same week for each exercises, where you’re performing fewer sets? For example on weeks 1-2, day 1 you’re squatting 4×5, but on day 3 it’s 2×5. Is there a weight increase on those days?

    2) Any reason you prefer stiff-leg deadlift to normal deadlift?


  4. So how much strength is enough for the MMA or BJJ athlete? Can you give us some guidelines for what you like to see in the basic lifts (squat, deadlift, pull-ups, bench, and/or others you think are appropriate) from high level fighters? Maybe in relation to bodyweight (e.g. 2x bodyweight squat, etc.). Thanks!

  5. How to incorporate this routine with the 8 week blocks of the “Ultimate MMA conditioning”.
    2*4 weeks and change the reps accordingly to Block A and B?

    Also, on the forum you mentioned Shoulder press/overhead press does not transfer well to combat sports?

    Why not box squats, doesn’t it help additionally with explosive speed?

    Any advantage with doing deadlift over squat the second day? I feel it can fuck-up your back if you already have anterior tilt.

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