High Resistance Interval Training

Interval training is a common method used by many athletes, but all too often all forms of intervals are lumped together as if they are all equal. In today’s performance tip, you’ll see how high resistance intervals should be done and discover how effective they can be



  1. At first- Great thoughts and words! After that I want to say this method looks very similar to DinamicEffort work that WestSide Barball use. But when just change a little rest intervals and intensity the outcome is totally different- here we train for endurance of fast fibers while there we train for strength of slow fibers.
    all the best

  2. Hi Joel,

    Is this similar to the alactic training protocols discussed in “Soccer: Alactic-Aerobic Sport: Part II”? That article suggested training at a high intensity for 6 – 10 seconds followed by 20 – 40 seconds of recovery and is meant to enhance RSA conditioning.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. It’s similar but the difference is that this specifically requires high resistance to be used whereas the intervals they are recommending do not. Both are effective and can be used

  3. Joel, another question… in your book your high resistance interval guidelines state that each rep should last between 10 – 12 seconds but in multiple articles and videos on your site you state the rep should not go over 5 seconds. Which is the correct guideline?

  4. Hi Joel,

    The high resistance intervals seem to closely mimic alactic power intervals. Is the difference the load – meaning heavy prowler pushes for HRI vs. sprints for API (just an example)? Is there some overlap between the two methods?

    Thanks for your time.


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