Special Guest Matt Hume

Howie gets some one-on-one time with world-renowned MMA coach Matt Hume to pick his brain on how UFC Champion Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson was able to win his last title defense with the latest submission finish in UFC history!

Matt Hume Assesses DJ’s Kimura

Matt Hume knew that DJ would be able to get the kimura position again and again against his opponent John Moraga.

DJ had tied Georges St. Pierre’s record for the most completed takedowns in a UFC fight.  

However, Matt saw that DJ was committing a small technical error that was preventing him from finishing his fights with the kimura.

So he made an adjustment:

Matt was sure the arm bar submission would be available off the kimura attempt which Moraga had been defending well.

When Demetrious was getting to the kimura position, Moraga was defending by holding his own arm.

Moraga’s arm holding meant he could no longer defend DJ’s leg as the champ transitioned around his head and body for the armbar.

Moraga wouldn’t be able to defend the armbar in this position unless he lifted his own arm over his head, which would leave him open to the kimura again.

Moraga didn’t lift his arm, so Demetrious was able to sit back in a good position and attack with the armbar submission attempt.

With his experience, Moraga was smart to roll up on top of DJ and stack him. This is where most people would fail, as they get crushed underneath and cannot extend their hips to finish the submission, while the top man would pull his arm free.

DJ Follow’s Matt Hume’s Adjustment

Demetrious made a crucial adjustment to finish the submission:
When Moraga tried to roll up and stack him, DJ scooted away on his elbow and shoulder to create the necessary space to keep pressure on his opponent’s elbow.

That small scoot back kept Moraga’s head down and away so DJ could apply the pressure to the elbow to finish the submission.

DJ wasn’t able to finish the kimura in the earlier rounds because he was extending the arm away from the body while taking it behind Moraga’s back.

He would have been more successful if he had kept the arm close to his body and dropped his own elbow behind Moraga’s hips.

Pressuring Moraga’s the head with his leg and placing his elbow behind Moraga’s  hip would have made the kimura much tighter,  creating the finish DJ was looking for.

Matt Hume‘s Upcoming Announcement

Matt will be back on 8WeeksOut TV demonstrating more fight breakdowns and finishes.

He has never release any instructional series out to the public before, but says that one is now in the works.

Breakdowns of the same techniques, methods, and attention to detail Matt has used to created world champions like Demetrious Johnson, Josh Barnett, Rich Franklin and many others will certainly be invaluable information.

Follow Matt’s special guest appearances on 8WeeksOut TV to hear more about his instructional series and perhaps a breakdown of Demetrious Johnson’s next title defense against Joseph Benavidez in UFC on FOX 9, December 14th, in Sacramento, California.

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