The Ultimate 5-minute Regeneration Method

Want to know the best way to get stronger, leaner, better conditioned, and improve your performance?

Simple: don’t let yourself get injured.

Nothing sabotages progress faster than injuries. Even small, nagging injuries will keep you from training at 100% and getting the most out of your workouts. Over time, training at less than your best will rob you of results and keep you from hitting your goals.

Consistency matters (a lot) and that requires staying healthy.

One of the most important things you can do to help yourself stay injury free and in the game is take care of your soft tissues. Most people don’t have time or money to get massage on a regular basis, so they resort to common tools like the foam roller.

While the foam roller has its place, it falls short when it comes to really stimulating recovery (by tapping into the nervous system) and getting deeper into the tissues. That’s why I asked Chris Duffin and the team at Kabuki Strength to share their 5-minute Regeneration Method.

Anyone that’s deadlifted 880lbs for almost three weeks straight knows what soft tissue management and recovery is all about!

What you need:

To do this correctly, you need the right tool. Something heavy enough to get deep into the tissues. The best choice is the Kabuki Strength Geisher Roller. It can be weighted up to 150lbs+ and used to roll the entire body.

If you don’t have one, you can also tape two heavy kettlebells together, or use the end of a standard 45lb barbell. The key is to have something that’s heavy and yet comfortable and easy to roll at the same time.

How to do it:

With a little practice, you can use this flow to cover the entire anterior portion of your body in just 5 minutes. It looks simple, and that’s because it is! But, it’s also incredibly effective when you do consistently.

  • Quads: Start by rolling as high up on your quads as you can before going all the way down to your knee caps. You’ll want to make a couple of passes here.
  • Adductors: Rest one end of the roller against the floor and use the other to roll along your adductors. Do some quad extensions and hamstring curls while dorsiflexing your foot. Progress to a side-laying position. Use the roller to hold tension downward to create a stretch in your adductors, then rotate the unanchored half of your body away from the roller so that you’re “opening up.”
  • Lateral quad: Bring your knees together and rest one end of the roller against the outside of your upper thigh of your opposite leg. Do a few quad extensions and hamstring curls as you roll up and down your lateral quad.
  • Abs: Lay on your back and pass the roller along your abs.
  • Pecs: Place one end of the roller on your pec and roll using your free arm. Internally and externally rotate your arm, then do a few overhead press and lat pull-down movements.
  • Biceps, forearms, hands: Move one end of the roller down your bicep tendon and along your forearm and hand.
  • Hip flexors: Lock one end of the roller into your hip flexor by creating tension and tilt your pelvis anteriorly and posteriorly.

When do to it:

To help speed up recovery, the best time to use this method is immediately after a training session as part of your cooldown. It’s going to help your body shift into a recovery state by tapping into the parasympathetic nervous system.

You can also use this method in between training sessions if you’re feeling stiff, sore, or tired. It’s also a great method to incorporate into a Rebound Training session as part of your overall recovery program.

What to do next: dive deeper into soft tissue management and regeneration methods with Kabuki

Recovery and regeneration are crucial elements of staying healthy, improving movement quality and supporting conditioning. That’s why I’ve brought Chris and the team at Kabuki strength on board to add an entirely new video module into my BioForce Conditioning Certification.

In the updated course, you’ll learn their most effective methods and strategies to:

  • Improve tissue load tolerance: How much training your body can handle
  • Develop better breathing mechanics so you can drive more oxygen into your working muscles
  • Lock down trunk stability to support more force and power
  • Get you ready to train faster with efficient pre-workout movement prep
  • Use the most effective tools for body tempering and IASTM

In November, the course will be opening for a limited-time. To get on the Insider’s List and get $200 off and a chance to register before anyone else, enter your name and email below.

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